What is Diving Into The Deep (DITD)?

DITD is where I write about the topics I find intriguing to me at the moment. My plan is to do long-form deep dives into complex/unknown topics. Examples of some topics I’m planning deep dives into are nuclear power, cryptocurrency, and brain-computer interfaces. A lot of topics will be tech or science-based, but I’m not limiting myself to such categories, I have many other interests as well such as history. In addition to this long-form content, which I expect to publish only once or twice per quarter due to time constraints, I will be publishing more frequent short-form content.

My reason for wanting to write about these topics is that I already spend a lot of my free time researching them. I want to share my findings in an easy-to-read article. For example, Nuclear Power is complex, there are tons of different types of reactors and such. Compiling dozens of hours of research into a 1-hour read would be immensely useful for those looking to learn some of the basics.

I’m a computer programmer, having graduated with a computer science degree in April 2022. In addition to this, I spend a lot of time doing indie game dev, which means I don’t have a lot of time to write. As I gain more views and subscribers I’m able to justify dedicating more time to writing, so expect content quantity to start out slow but increase over time. I always value quality over quantity, so while I can’t promise monthly content, I can say the deep dives will be worth the subscription fee when they do get released.

Why subscribe?

Some content will be free, but many of the deep dives will be exclusive to paid subscribers, at least for some portion of time (such as a year). Free subscribers get free articles straight to their inbox upon publication, whilst paid subscribers get all new posts sent straight to their inbox upon publication and can access the full archive of exclusives on the website.